Friday, March 5, 2010

March (Q&A) Madness!

It's March! Time for Q&A!

But first - the Madness!

It's totally awesome madness in the form of incredible news.

I just signed on for two more Nightshade books with Jill Santopolo and Michael Green at Philomel! *shrieking* *dancing* *glee* *fainting*

I'm beyond thrilled that I'll continue to work with such a wonderful editor and publisher and the brilliant team at Penguin. Thanks so much to Penguin and I'm throwing roses to my amazing agents Richard Pine and Charlie Olsen at InkWell.

Okay, deep breaths. Restoring calm. (Yeah right).

Now onto Q&A - post your questions in the comments and I'll sling out the answers in Monday's blog.

Happy Weekend! I'll celebrating the new book deal with something like this:


  1. Chocolate or vanilla?

    Peeta or Gale?

    Shaken or stirred?

    Wrong or right? (make of that what you will)

    Oranges or apples?

    Black or white? (again, open to interpretation)

    Nightshade or Wolfsbane?

    Tomato or tomato? (you know what I mean)

    Peanut butter or jelly?

    Future or past?

    Here or there?

    Up or down?

    In a box or with a fox? (Seuss on the brain, sorry)

    Heaven or Hell?

  2. Ooo!!! Yay!!! It's public! Now I get to brag all over my awesome crit partner!! =)


    Q & A:

    Ren or Shane? (I'm all for Ren. Hands down. But I want to know about you!)

    Whats your favorite book of 2010 so far? (No pre-pubbed stuff)

    What is your worst fear?

    (p.s. this is Rachel Simon, who read Nightshade. I now have a blogger!)

  4. Holy congratulations! And my question is: What deal did you make with the Universe? :D

  5. Thanks everyone! Keep the questions coming - I'm looking forward to answering them on Monday :)

  6. Many congratulations on the new book deal, lass :-)

  7. Congrats!

    When can you reveal the cover of Nightshade? (I'm dying to see it!!!)

    So there will be four books althogether in the Nightshade series?

    What's your favorite dystopian novel so far? Paranormal?


  8. Ooooh, congrats!! Okay, a couple of questions from Mundie Moms:

    Do you have a Playlist for NIGHTSHADE? And if so, will you post it?

    Outside of your own characters, who is the one fictional character you'd love to have a conversation with?