Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Can't Wait Contest!

My ARCs arrived and I couldn't share them...

I thought I would have to wait until April to start giving away ARCs in blog contests.

It will be spring
, I thought.

It's a new month, I thought.
But the fabulous reaction to Nightshade's cover and book trailer have pushed my already impatient self over the edge.
So the first contest begins NOW.
You can win the first signed Nightshade ARC giveaway by entering my first Annual PARANORMAL HAIKU CONTEST!

What is a paranormal haiku?

Haiku is a Japanese poem form which follows a 5 syllable, 7 syllable, 5 syllable format
Making it paranormal is just a matter of adding the appropriate content.

For example:

Vampire angst erodes
the moment love trumps bloodlust;
how long can it last?


Can mummies find love?
Passion knows no bounds, but still

dust is a turnoff.

Entries accepted until Wednesday, March 31! And to answer Dani's question - yes, I will accept multiple entries - send all the haiku your heart desires!


  1. Your killing me here Andrea! Can I enter more than once because if not I'm going to have to ponder for awhile until I have an AWESOME haiku! :)

  2. Outside, zombies groan.
    Soon, they'll find their way inside.
    Until then, I wait.


  3. This sounds fun. I'm not much of a writer, though

    Pale skin, cold to touch.
    Teeth are bared as it bites neck,
    Blood slowly drips down

    Hopefully, I could think of more.

  4. Hi Andrea,
    Ok this is my first time writing heikus so please forgive me if I do this wrong.

    These are all inspired by The Forest of Hands and Teeth by Carrie Ryan since that's what I'm reading at the moment.

    Zombies everywhere
    How can we survive this place
    Where to run and hide

    There's no going back
    When the one you love is turned
    Now all hope is lost

    No longer human
    Broken fingers, missing teeth
    Seeking flesh to eat

    This was fun! I want to do more! ;)


  5. My girlfriend got bit
    So I let her bite me too
    Ghoul-on-ghoul action

    "Forget him." Mom said
    But I know that my werewolf
    Still moons after me.

    Dated a Golem
    Loyal, tall, had rock hard abs
    But dumb as a rock.

    There's a poltergeist
    Living in my upstairs bath
    Shower's always cold.

    Dear Doc Frankenstein,
    My dog, Skippy, died last week
    Do you take nickels?

  6. Oooh, I want, I want, I want!! *sighs dreamily at the photo*. Okay, so I've never been any good at writing haiku's. I don't think today is any different. But here is my completely unprofessional attempts and yes, apparently I have a werewolf/vampire theme going tonight!

    Lovers war, who wins?
    Vampire, he then dines: Le charred
    tail a la werewolf.

    Vampire: pale, cold. Old
    man suffering centuries
    of incontinence.

    Shirtless werewolves? Hot.
    Coughing furballs? Not. Kissing,
    love's furry problem.

    I'll post again if I can think up anything else! That was fun :D


  7. Lol this should be funny (only talking about my attempt here). Poetry was never my strong point but you gotta do what you gotta do. Haha
    I'm reading Succubus Shadows at the moment which heavily influenced this.

    In my dreams, hidden
    They show me what is not real
    But I'm not so sure

    Reality faked
    Lies told as though they are truth
    I wish this would end

    Where are my saviours?
    I'm all alone, nothing's real
    I wish I could die

    The demons kill me
    Not taking away my life
    Wishes mean nothing

  8. Andrea! No haiku but a giant CONGRATULATIONS!!! So excited and happy for you!! xxoo

  9. Here's my attempt:

    Once there was a time
    When I felt emotion
    Now I am just cold

    Taken for granted
    Life is something else for me
    Now I crave your blood

    Wow, I think the last time I wrote a haiku was in Gr 5! Thanks, that was fun :)

    hefollowedme AT gmail DOT com

  10. All the haiku's so far are great.
    I came up with a few more.

    Slowly I descend.
    Fall from grace is what I've done.
    Angel I'm no more.

    Late at night awake,
    Candles flicker, chill down spine,
    Ghostly shadows near.

    So hungry, slow pace,
    Human spotted, chased, devoured.
    Not full, must have more.

    Howling at the moon,
    Is what I have always done.
    Werewolf that I am.

  11. These haikus are AMAZING! Keep 'em coming! I'm laughing and getting chills. Talent, I say, you've got talent!

  12. I do not think I have ever written a haiku before. Here is an attempt... I apologize if I completely mess them up!

    I awoke here
    The dark so deep, so complete
    I have become more

    Glistening white fangs
    Echoes of pain, drops of blood
    The whisper of death

    Eternity of pain
    Curled in a corner... pain
    Of pain I will be

    The night stalking me
    Grasping, longing forever
    Hopeless surrender

    Silence awakened
    A predator with no soul
    Knowing its prey comes

    robin [at] intensewhisper [dot] com

  13. He knew her desire
    and she his across the miles
    the curse of prescience

  14. I need this book:

    Bigfoot is out there
    The evidence confirms it
    No way it's a hoax.


  15. OOOOOH, I want one!!!! Ok, here goes.....

    1. Faeries flying by
    Never forgetting to smile
    Happy thoughts fuel them

    2. Dark times come
    The cold ones burn with hunger
    Do not anger them

    3. Pirate etiquette
    Yar, before argh scallywag
    or else walk the plank

    4. The nymphs define lust
    Embracing, kissing, touching,
    Never letting go

    5. Dragon eggs crack wide
    Burning eyes looking around
    Take their rightful place

  16. OK Robin for never writing haiku before you rock...

    here's mine, all leaning towards erotic vampire themes but that's still within the paranormal parameters

    smell of fear and lust
    the terror and arousal
    ultimate pleasure

    love on bloodstained lips
    drinking your fill of nightmares
    desire is unleashed

    mystical vampire
    centuries of seduction
    blood stained surrender

    erotic vampire
    my intimate fantasy
    drink the sacred wine

    my sexual wish
    enchanting transformation
    drink your fill of me

    lush lips on crystal
    drink arousal and nightmares
    blood stains on velvet

    RoxanneRhoads @ aol . com

  17. Great contest!

    wake inner demons
    the autumn moon's for hunting
    heed its dark command

    rise up consume kill
    the beast inside commands you
    follow it to death

    mix your blood with hers
    now the turning moon has come
    can she survive it?

    can you feel the change?
    as death takes its strangling hold
    turns you to the beast

    death is at the door
    can you hear its booming knocks?
    go open the door

    look upon the scene
    the mangled mess you have made
    dying, dying, dead

    barbrafl737 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  18. Oh nice contest wish I was better at writing Haiku

    Pale as the Moonlight
    A beauty unreal a fear I can feel
    eyes that bare no soul

    Fast as the wind blows
    strength beyond what is human what's normal
    the vampire who I love

    A witch with powerful spells
    A werewolf who promised never to love
    A vampire who not kind

  19. So many people competing... Must submit more....!

    Lightning crashes in
    Her power wanes with each kiss
    I will see this through

    Crimson crescent smile
    Licking my mind's desire
    She whispers my name

    The running wolf girl
    Burning with indignation
    her place will not fade

  20. I got two more:

    Humans long for not knowing,
    Loneliness I live.

    Sunlight starts to shine.
    It is far too late to hide,
    As I turn to ash.

  21. Oh my word; so many incredible entries. How am I supposed to choose a winner!!! I need more ARCs!!

  22. I already have an ARC (thanks fab crit partner!), and nobody wants to read my sorry attempt at poetry, but I got shivers looking at your stack of ARCs. *shivers again*

  23. These are probably ridiculous, considering I've never written haikus before, but I tried. I might submit more later!

    Flesh ruptures with fur
    Jagged fangs protrude from jaw
    The beast consumes him

    Golden eyes gleaming
    Clawed fingers clasped together
    They await their moon

    His teeth are changing
    This full moon is giving him
    A monster tooth ache

  24. I have to give this another shot to rise my chances!

    The moon shines bright, full
    It's that time of month again
    I can barely wait

    I rush to my field
    It knows me well now, my wolf
    Eagerly we meet

    My clothes come off fast
    Thick hair now covers my skin
    My body contorts

    Now I am the wolf
    I run, loving the freedom
    The wind fills my heart

    This is what I want
    Hoping to last forever
    But then it is dawn

  25. I just wanted to come back and say how awesome it is that you're promoting poetic expression in this way. AWESOME!! I might have another entry if I can subdue it into 5/7/5 by the 31st.

  26. Got it.

    A night bird twittered
    at the window, tapped the sill.
    A chirp then a claw.

  27. I am still reeling from the awesomeness that is all the haiku! You guys rock :)

  28. Never done this before and I don't know if this is right, but I want that book!! lol
    So hear it goes:)

    Glittering Gold
    Flowers of mist
    Wings of sheer glass
    Catch the fallen

    Hidden hope
    Lingering doubt
    Wanted lust
    Catch the fallen

    Be still be brave
    Feel a wish
    Breath the night
    Catch the fallen

    Kiss of midnight
    Breath to Breath
    Flowers to scent
    I caught the fallen


  29. Thicken veins with red juices
    This wine is my curse
    Fill my desire, as I embrace my sin

  30. hahahaha...this is pure awesomeness

    i'm sooooo glad that i already have my ARC (thanks big sis!) but it was an absolute pleasure reading through these...brilliant!

    good luck picking! haha

  31. Garth - I know! It's going to be so hard to choose!! Yay for great haiku!

  32. UFO's are real.
    Look into the sky at night.
    I want to believe.


  33. the old religion
    Avalon, the fae, magic
    dying more everyday

  34. May as well try some more. :3 Not just in Japanese format, but in Japanese itself. :D

    狼は wolves don't only
    森に住む物 just live in
    だけじゃない。 forests alone.

    僕の血は my blood is
    妖精女帝の血 the faerie queen's blood
    時が流れ。 time flows on.

    夢の対価 the price of dreams
    は毎日高く is increasing
    なってゆく。 everyday.

    煉獄が purgatory/land of the dead has
    今夜見えてゆく on this night become visible
    行くべきか? should i go?

    I could have done better but my brains are dead from grad school applications/translation projects. ._.

  35. This is fun! =) I keep thinking of news ones. *g*

    - - - - - - -

    A flash of brown fur
    paws racing through underbrush.
    Until they're feet again.

    - - - - - - -

    Fangs flashing through lips,
    a drop of crimson shining.
    At night, he finds me.

    - - - - - - -

    Fallen from grace, he
    soared into my fragile heart.
    Forbidden love is sweet.

  36. Shifting features make
    an animal of a man,
    humanity dead.

  37. I have to have an arc. I must have one. I MUST.


    Witch eyes shine through black
    They mostly weep in secret
    Hearts encased in hell

    Cross the river blue
    Cliffs rise against night skyline
    Demon's lair exposed

    Ancient spells reverse
    Above a misted island
    Creatures crawl through sand

  38. Wow! what an oportunity! I just read about your book and I'm so happy its going to get published in Latin America!! :D

    Well, I'm not a great writer, but here is my Haiku :

    My love, I wait
    Until you rise from earth,
    I wait, forever.

    Very simple, eh? :D Hope you like it!

    magabygc AT gmail DOT com

  39. I have to have one.

    Maybe I'm pushing the paranormal envelope but what if something is scientifically unexplainable? That counts, right?

    The tree quivered, stripped.
    Pleading branches pulled my hair
    Both, naked and felled.

  40. Another two...

    Hocus-Pocus, spells
    Badly spoken. Dreary times
    Are now the focus.

    Wings are aflutter.
    Surroundings filled with color.
    Fairies bring forth spring.

  41. ooooh! This sounds fun! Haha! Here's my first entry... about a guardian angel. :)

    He flies down to her
    Feathers of heaven wither
    In a dance of fall

    Guardian whispers of
    Temptations beneath the skin
    Divine in darkness

    He reaches with light
    That burns their flesh in desire
    They fall with a kiss



  42. Another one, this time about a werewolf. :)

    He breaks through his skin
    Stares at me with a wild lust
    That echoes in me

    I smile, surrender
    As his warm body shivers
    Another yearning

    I hold on to him
    Beneath the fur, his heart is
    Beating just for me



  43. Wings enfolding me
    In an intimate embrace
    Until judgment day


  44. The moon holds me back
    Human skin abandons me
    For the wolf inside


  45. Oh no. Haikus are supposed to be just one stanza right? Oh dear.

    Guardian whispers of
    Temptations beneath the skin
    Divine in darkness


  46. I need an ARC. *sighs* I must. *writes more haikus*

    Kisses of the damned
    Consume my humanity
    Leaving me cold, dead.


  47. Vampire kisses burn
    Passion upon her sweet lips
    Taking her heartbeat


  48. A pixie-related haiku (inspired by Need):

    I sleep, dreaming him
    To life, kissing him tonight.
    Gold dust on my lips.


  49. Congratulations. They look great!

    So many entries but I'll toss one in because this is a fun contest for the ARC's.

    Moon; blood stains silver,
    reflecting immortal pain.
    Cursed forevermore.


  50. Wow - I am amazed by all the entries. This is so exciting!

  51. Anything can happen
    When you find love with a vamp
    Keep the stake handy


  52. a kiss on the lips
    can be quite sentimental;
    on the neck's a scream.

  53. I REALLY WANT NIGHTSHADE, gahhh why couldn't I being a world renound haiku creator???

    I have attempted to draft up some haikus but they all suck, especially compared to the ones I see above :( this is all I got:

    Zombies can eat brain
    I wish I was a zombie
    Instead I eat cake

    For the record I much prefer cake:)

  54. **drools embarrassingly over the gorgeous cover!

    Erotic Blood Lust
    Dark Red Desire of life
    Vampires On the hunt

    Darkness precedes light
    vampires lust for blood endures
    to hunt another

    Great event! Thanks for having it!
    Have a great day every one!
    Kate (aka YzhaBell's BookShelf)

  55. Ghost lips have I kissed
    or at least I think I did
    for death breath lingers


  56. He haunts, touches me
    With cold fingertips of death
    He lingers tonight


  57. Red drips from his chin
    My pure, painful sacrifice
    He holds me, I yield.


  58. She murmurs the spell
    Tangle of words etched with lust
    And I was enslaved


  59. May I just say, I SO want to win an ARC! Here goes.

    heads thrown back, ears flat,
    wolves howled the moon loose from its
    mooring in the trees

    hovering around
    a circle of ancient stones,
    wraiths found their anchor

    the witches circled,
    gazing on flightless creatures
    impotent below

  60. Tricia - I think you may be channeling NIGHTSHADE somehow; those are unbelievably relevant to the story!

  61. Cool! I always wanted to be psychic (as long as I didn't have to know anything really nasty, you know). Anyway, I had to go with wolves and witches given your stories. :D

  62. Walking down the stairs
    In the moonlight, he saw her
    Her fangs shine brightly

    He screams, but none hear
    He tries to run, but cannot
    She won't let him go

    Because she loves him
    And he can never be hears
    Because she is dead.


  63. I am all alone.
    I pull my blanket tighter.
    Then I feel its touch.

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  65. This comment has been removed by the author.

  66. The spirits haunt my
    every waking moment, they
    never let me sleep

    Invading my dreams
    Hiding in the shadows, my
    demons never leave

    Blood drips from his fangs
    Staining my lovely carpet
    Vamps make mess friends

    Sara M
    sara_UFblog [at] yahoo [dot] com

  67. What a fun contest! And I can't wait to get my hands on Nightshade! Okay, here I go.

    Will she hear my cry?
    The ghost echoes into night
    Morning will show truth

    The demon sees me
    Right time he is waiting for,
    to finish his quest

    Blood I love to drink
    My reflection I can't see
    But garlic just stinks

    That was fun! lol

  68. Stay calm, Sunnydale.
    If the apocalypse comes
    Giles will beep Buffy.

    She smells delicious.
    Hold on tight, spider monkey.
    I will not turn her.

    Graduation Day
    The Mayor becomes a snake
    Snyder gets eaten

    Vampire with a soul
    In love with the Chosen One
    It didn't work out

    Stakes, beheading, fire
    Another one bites the dust
    Vampires are fragile

    Death? Survived it twice.
    I'm Buffy. You're History!
    Hellmouth? N.B.D.

    Going out to eat
    Vampires never dine alone
    Happy Meals with legs

    The immortal kiss
    Beauty and eternal life
    But it hurts a bit

    He licked his lips, said,
    "I'm caught in a bad romance.
    Now show me your fangs."

  69. *waving to new followers* Welcome!! Thanks for the awesome haikus.

    Now for the hand wringing. How can I decide???

  70. Quivers, not from fear,
    as the soulless killer stalks.
    Taste my love for you.

  71. Thanks for the amazing contest! I've never written haiku before, so I hope this works!!

    Lovely lullabies,
    Impulse drives me up, over...
    I sink and I sink

    That was about a siren, by the way.
    Love, Hannah S.

  72. "I will find you, girl"
    Menacing demons whisper
    Oh wait, that's my mom

    Tick, tock... Reapers knock
    Unfinished deeds must be done
    Do drift ebb and flow

    Love, Hannah S.

    P.s. Ooh, I really gotta quit bugging you!

  73. The moon is high up
    Werewolves howl at her brightness
    To express their luck

  74. Stephanie - I am swooning over your all Buffy haikus. GENIUS!!

  75. Something a bit erotic.

    Started with a touch
    With a kiss of forever
    With passion burning

    He's already dead
    But pulsing with life for me
    I cling to his hand

    My heart beats his song
    A sweet melody of love
    That calls to his thirst

    His tongue tastes my flesh
    Burns me with the fires of hell
    In return, I smile


  76. OK, at first I thought

    "I can't do this so I can't enter *sob*"

    Then I thought

    "I really want to read this so I'm going to HAVE to give this a try"

    And then

    "ARGH, this is hard!"

    And finally

    "This is fun!"

    The first batch:

    Eighteen years have passed,
    Destiny awaits Calla
    But what if it changed?

    I become a wolf
    When the moon is hanging low
    In the black night sky

    I become a wolf
    When the witching hour is here
    And all are sleeping

    There will be a war
    and i will lead from the front,
    yellow eyes burning

    I am a wolf girl
    And am not ashamed to say
    That I love my life

    When a blood red moon
    shines like a torch in the sky
    there will be trouble.

    Eighteen years have passed
    I await my destiny
    But will it find me?

    I dream of you here
    are the only words he spoke
    as I fell asleep

  77. Nice haiku, Lynsey. I'm impressed and yay for including Calla :)

  78. Perhaps I should stop tweeting this contest. Already overwhelmed by the quality and quantity of entries...

  79. ROUND TWO...Look, look, now I can't stop. Andrea what have you DONE to me?! lol

    I howl at the moon
    As a way of calling out
    To my one true mate

    Eighteen years have passed
    Destiny awaits calla
    then a boy appears

  80. Great contest! I might be too late, though..

    Her dull gold eyes glow
    I can feel her burning her way
    Deep in to my soul.


    Glinting in the light
    Her sea-green eyes glare at me
    Her face calm, and still.

    Like a photograph.
    I had captured her looking
    Like beauty itself.

    Her expression is
    Something I really can't read
    Though I sense evil.

    Iffath :) x

  81. Oh I'm really estactic about your book!
    I even posted about it on my blog last week =)


    I'm not very good with poems but I will give it a try!

    When the moon is full,
    Weird things goes bump in the night,
    Beware of werewolves.

    Hairy and grumpy,
    But also sweet and lovely,
    Gotta love wolfies.

    Yeah I know, not the bests. But I thought I'd give it a try =)

    Much love from Canada!

  82. Round three?

    leaves fall from the trees
    and make rainbows on the ground
    for me to walk upon

    stop me from falling
    so deep into you that I
    lose myself forever

  83. Ok! Super Nervous!! Don't Know What To Do Bur Hear it Goes..

    The Touch Of A Ghost
    I Feel Brush Upon My Skin
    Smile Touches Lips

    I Have No Idea If It's Right..
    Fingers Crossed, Hope It Is!!


  84. Here's another try,

    Let the hunt begin,
    Nightshade, a seductive tale,
    That you won't put down.


  85. Umm...

    The warrior queen
    Waits for you in her kingdom
    Will you go to her?

    Alpha females rule
    In kingdoms such as these ones
    Where wolves run amock

    I run with the wolves
    And walk with the human souls
    But fly in my dreams

    The mask that I wear
    Is a pretty painted veil
    That comes off at night

    Hidden from the world
    In shadows of the moonlight
    I run with the wolves

  86. A true shape hidden
    I lie beneath locked up tight
    The night uncovers

    Inky black feathers
    Everything covered in down
    Molting is a pain

    I tried. :)


  87. I hide in night shade
    Where warriors live and breathe
    So I can be free

  88. oops, there was 6 syllables in one of my posts...have now changed it so that it's all correct. I love this one..

    leaves fall from the trees
    and make rainbows on the ground
    for me to walk on

  89. Lol, Lynsey is indeed addicted :)

    Tynga - thanks so much for the blog post!

  90. I think now I am Haiku-ed out...*drops to the floor in a heap*

  91. An different world
    Dragons flying everywhere
    Creatures forever

    YaY! I thought of one!


  92. This comment has been removed by the author.

  93. OMG OMG lemme think!

    Pale vampire, warm wolf
    Fighting for her single soul
    Her choice shall be wrong.

    Will you dance with me?
    One song- that is all I ask.
    "Not with a vampire."

    Six witches' clan's war
    In a kingdom without rain
    Fools! No clan shall win.

    My choice: Life or death?
    My choice: Family or him?
    My choice: Myself. ME.

    He is immortal.
    But I have a beating heart.
    Will he take that, too?

    I'm also haiku-ed out >.<
    Fingers crossed! Thanks for the chance:)


  94. Spook in the basement.
    Better call the Ghostbusters.

    Ripples in the lake.
    Prehistoric Survivor.
    This is not a hoax.

    Living dinosaurs
    Surviving in the Congo
    Some survived the blast

    Airplane disappears
    The Bermuda Triangle
    Doesn't leave a trace


  95. From Katie (via email):

    Sasquatch is dirty,
    take him back to the carwash.
    High maintenance pet.

    My sandwich is gone!
    From the huge footprints I’d guess
    the sasquatch got it.

    Broken lawnmower
    is making me money from
    crop circle tourists.

    In one hungry gulp
    my dragon ate all of the
    Republican fools.

    No pet unicorn,
    for the millionth and last time.
    He will poke someone’s eye out.

    The dragon’s green scales
    are beautiful, and I think,
    “they’d be GORGEOUS shoes.”

    No public option?
    Thank God I’m dabbling in this
    freaky alchemy.

    That damn tooth-fairy
    sold my lost teeth for cocaine.
    Am I complicit?

  96. Shape shifting right now
    I wonder what I will be
    aw crap, not again

    Filling with water,
    a car slid off the slick bridge
    thank God she has gills

    Lightning struck just right,
    she blinked just once and vanished
    hope he can find her

    My lesson was learned
    in an instant he transformed
    alas, so did I

    Lower level trapped
    misery loves company
    get back here with me

    Blending in at school
    ironically hard for
    Chameleon Boy


  97. Witches storm the night
    Searching for stray lovers lost
    Only to return at dawn

    My sad attempt at a haiku

    :) Erica