Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Hexy Time

2010 is a great year for debuts, but today in particular is a book birthday for a novel I've been early awaiting:

Rachel Hawkins' Hex Hall
For those of you who've followed Rachel (@LadyHawkins) and I on Twitter you're familiar with our realization that we are star-crossed BFFs whose friendship is marred by our battle for the hand of one Ben Barnes.Admittedly Rachel goes for Ben as Prince Caspian
while I'm swooning for his portrayal of Dorian Gray
When at last we clash over our boy Ben, it will be epic: Titan style.
I'm fortunate to have such a worth adversary as Rachel. Her book is fantastic - a great mix of spine-tingling chills and laughing out loud - and I'd recommend you run out and snap it up. Time to get Hexy! Congrats, Rachel!!!


  1. Saw your link on Twitter. This book looks so fun! Best of luck, and here's to getting hexy!!!

    http://booksonthehouse.com (the main site)
    http://booksonthehouse.com/kids (the teen site)

  2. I love watching your battles for BINBONS!!! And yes, I admit that any iteration of Mr. Barnes is a good one. As a Mundie Mom, well, we're hexy by nature but we can hardly wait for a taste of NIGHTSHADE, too. :)

  3. Misa - Thanks for dropping by!

    Katarinasmama - Yay for all iterations of BB and thanks I can't wait for Nightshade to be out there too!!