Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Fam

It's Father's Day (hi Dad!)Last night I had a very strange dream about saying goodbye. My family were all packing up our cars up at my parents house and hugging and talking about the next time we'd be together. And I was horribly upset through the whole dream. I woke up puzzled because life is good right now. It's great, in fact.

So why the bad dream? (It also had a part involving killer bees, but that's unrelated)
I'm blessed by a truly extraordinary family. When we get together we have a wonderful time.

Case in point - last weekend we all got together for the wedding of a very close friends, people who are very much like extensions of our own family.It was beautiful and wonderful and the joy of the moment could be testified to by the fact that my Dad - who DOES NOT dance - pulled us all out on the dance floor at one point with the exclamation "We need to dance! We need to form a family circle and dance!"

I think the dream was a reminder that those family gatherings are special and I wish they happened more often. My brother, Garth, lives in LA and that is TOO FAR from here. I see my mom and dad quite a bit because they're only a few hours away, but I'd like to see them more.

Family time leads to hi-jinx and belly-deep laughter that leaves your in happy tears. Who wouldn't want more of that?

Happy Father's Day. Happy Family Day.


  1. When I chose your book as my Waiting on Wednesday Pick, it didn't occur to me to stalk you properly.

    I was wrong and now I am making amends for my poor stalking skills.

    I lurve your website. Each window has something different. VERY COOL! VERY CLEVER!
    Lurves the blog too!

    Aww you clearly love your parents very, very much. That's wonderful.
    You look le both of them I think- half and half, if that makes sense.

    I also enjoy you red hair.

    Now I'm worried I'm sounding creepy and potentially like a real stalker. I am neither.
    I'm just super excited about your book- I HEART Werewolves you see.

  2. Look at all those wonderful people! I miss you all. When are you coming to LA for a visit again?

  3. I miss you too, Laura! I'm not sure, but I'll let you know when I do :)

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  5. Hi Eliora!

    All review requests are being handled by my publisher. I'll send you the contact information :)

  6. How sweet!
    You're clearly very close to your family.
    You and your brother have the same eyes. :)
    Love, Hannah