Friday, November 6, 2009

I Have No Clothes (But I Have a Contract!)

I find myself in a strange liminal space.

My book is edited, copy edited and has been handed over to the incredible Penguin sales juggernaut.

The cover shoot just happened and I'm thrilled: amazing photographer, perfect concept - but I won't see results for another couple of weeks.

My web site is about to go live - but not quite yet.
I hesitate to ask the faceless man how it's going (he scares me).

In some ways I feel like my book just vanished. That I have all this excitement but no physical manifestation as yet of the book itself to help me believe. It's floating out there in New York *waves, hello New York!* with amazing people, but sometimes I blink and worry what if none of this has actually happened? Thank the stars I get to keep a copy of my contract.

But maybe the strange sensations of a world out of place isn't the result of the in-between place of publishing I'm living in. Maybe I'm just still in shock from seeing this:
No, you're not wrong - it is, indeed, Twilight Barbie.

And WOW in the space of writing this post I gained two more followers. Welcome!!!


  1. So are you disturbed by the Dough Boy, too? I always have been. But now I think I'll let myself have a moment of argh about Twilight Barbie.
    Congratulations on the movement behind the scenes. Can't wait until it's all on stage.

  2. The Twilight Barbies are scaring me.

    But I'm so happy about how well your book is doing!

  3. ALERT: I don't know if you are going to post today, Saturday, so I'm sticking this here and hoping you see it. You must check out Google search today. You will love it!

  4. Eeeep! Oscar!!! Thanks Tricia. That is awesome :)

  5. Totally Twilight Barbie. Poor Kristen Stewart got the raw end of that deal-- the Edward and Jacob dolls actually look like they're TRYING to appear true to the actors, but Bella is just Barbie's brown haired friend. (What was her name? Theresa?)