Sunday, November 22, 2009

Das Book

More exciting news - NIGHTSHADE and WOLFSBANE have now sold in Germany! Squeee!

I'm thrilled that I'll be published by Egmont-Lyx, a wonderful imprint that is home to the German translations of Richelle Mead, Lilith Saintcrow, and R.A. Salvatore.

While I hope that the NIGHTSHADE series will be translated into as many languages as possible, this sale is particularly meaningful because my husband went to high school in Berlin and my father-in-law lives in Bavaria.(No, this is not my father-in-law's house, but this nice castle is in Bavaria)

In other happiness, my web site's opening splash page is now up and running and it is SO COOL. Thanks so much to my amazing web designer, Lindsey!

Here's wishing everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving week. May you have much turkey goodness. Remember it's not just dinner, it's "a ritual sacrifice...with pie." (More on that later.)


  1. this is so exciting! Your website looks fantastic, sweetie!!
    I can't wait to read your book - I'll find it. I swear I will. Keep me updated. I want to know when it comes out in Canada. <:

  2. Darn, and I was hoping he might let writers stay for retreats in one of those towers...
    I am sooooo excited for you and your international good news.
    And, yes, I will partake of ritual sacrifice and pie but no indigenous warfare. May your Thanksgiving be a skirmish-free zone, as well.

  3. PS: Just looked at the spooky splash page. Genius!

  4. Don't forget the ice cream. Vanilla Bean is the best. ANd I like to nuke my pie os its nice and warm.

    Stephen Tremp

  5. Congratulations - R.A. Salvatore is some pretty good company! I am so happy for you. I would be even happier if that WAS your father-in-law's house. How cool would that be?

  6. Squeeeee!!!

    And your splash page rocks!

  7. I am gnashing my teeth in envy of your website. TOO awesome.