Saturday, July 10, 2010


Hooray!!! 300 blog followers! Amazing!

Thanks so much to everyone who's following - it's wonderful to know you're here and I love your comments :) Welcome to new followers and thanks to followers who've been around since the beginning when all I had was my computer, a manuscript, and big, big dreams.

Starting a blog is a lonely business and it's just marvelous to have been on this writing journey with so many of you!

To celebrate this landmark let's do another giveaway!! Of course I'll send the winner a signed Nightshade ARC and I'll throw in a surprise (something wolfy) for good measure.

This time around I'd like to ask you to help spread the news about Nightshade. We're three months away from publication - which I know will go by fast, but it still seems soooooo long. I cannot wait for October!

To enter the contest tell someone why you're excited about Nightshade and in the comments below let me know who you told. I'll select the winner by random drawing on Tuesday.

Hope you're having a great summer - maybe something like this:


  1. I am lucky enough to already have a copy of your book, so I don't want to enter the contest and take that chance away from someone else. But I did want to say congrats on 300 followers! That is awesome!

  2. YAY for 300 followers!! Don't enter me because I won your last contest (FINALLY!) but I'm excited to read Nightshade because I'm a wolf girl and I like the strong female protagonist. Also LOVE love triangles ;) It has a pretty cover and a great story line. Basically, what's NOT to be excited about?!

  3. Thanks so much you guys! Lynsey your ARC is making its way across the Atlantic :)

  4. I told my sister about your book for the following reasons
    1) The cover is beauitful and i had to show her cause he loves artwork
    2) She asked me what it was about and i told her wolves and her eyes lit up like you wouldn't believe - she has been passionately waiting for werewolf books to come out (she is team werewolf instead of teen vampire and i quote her words "is there any books here that AREN'T vampires....I WANT A WEREWOLF!!"

    We are both pretty excited about your novel! It would be extremely awesome to win an ARC:)

    Cassandra C

  5. I've told several people about your book, but I told my friend Gretchen about it yesterday and got quite fangirly when I showed her the cover which she thought was gorgeous too.

  6. I told my sister too and she is now just as excited as I am! Well maybe not just as excited since I found out about Nightshade longer ago and have been anxiously awaiting the release ever since lol but still very excited! She LOVES the cover and thinks the story sounds awesome! I also showed her some great reviews, because you know they are all 5 star ratings lol and we're both extremely excited!
    3 months really are still to looong :( lol

    Soo excited for your book and congrats on reaching 300 followers Andrea =)

  7. I told my friend (Ana) about your books, because she loves warewolves and we both are reading addicts! =D Nowdays there are million of books that we would love to buy,sadly is imposible to buy ALL of them... :(, and i think that the covers are one of the most important things for a book (cause when at the library that's what firstly catches your eye) and nightshade's cover is... amazing =D

    is this giveaway international? if it's so please enter me, if not, well, congrats for the followers and i will wait to buy the book in internet =D

  8. Sandy - Yes this is an international contest :)

  9. I told my friend, because we both love werewolves and kick ass heroines. ;-) Also, the cover is bound to win anyone over. I knew I had to have the book when I saw it for the first time. Sooo gorgeous!

  10. Wow! congratulations for the 300 followers.

    I´m so very lucky that I will read soon Nightshade. Thanks SO much.

    Right now I promote on the blog.

    Good luck!


  11. Congrats on the 300 Followers!! :D

    I was lucky enough to read Nightshade from a friend who got an ARC at BEA. But I would be OVER the moon to have my own copy so I could read it again! I fell in love with the story, and the yummy characters!

    I told my followers on twitter here:

    I'm also going to post a review on Goodreads and my blog!


    I hope I win!! *squee*


  12. I can't wait to read Nightshade! I told my followers on twitter:

    throuthehaze at gmail dot com

  13. Yay for 300! You'll double that in no time when people read your book. BUT I want to be one of the ones reading and hate to wait for October (altho I love that month, actually).
    So please enter me in your contest. I told my best friend about your book, because she loves shapeshifters.
    sleuthwood (at) yahoo (dot) com

  14. Congrats on 300 followers!
    Sara M

  15. Wooh!! Congrats on 300 followers =D I absolutely love that song from the film - one of my favourite scenes!

  16. Yea for 300 followers! I'm absolutely DYING to read this book. I've entered soooo many contests in the blogosphere trying to win an ARC. I've lost all of them. :(

    Even lost the chance to borrow the book in a book borrowing thing. :(

    Saw this chance and HAD to give it a try! I keep going! Crossing my fingers and squeezing my eyes tight that luck might finally head my way for once.

  17. I told my sisters about NIGHTSHADE. I'm telling some of my friends tomorrow when we get together with the kids. Beautiful cover! NIGHTSHADE sounds so exciting.

  18. I told my book review followers on a post. Here is the link:

    Congrats by the way on 300 followers!

    Mallory (The Teen Bibliophile)


  19. Forgot to add:

    I forgot who told me about the book originally. Might have just found out by Amazon.

    I've told my friends and family several times about the book as well. And how I desperately trying to win a copy at every opportunity! :) With no luck. :(


  20. I have told my family and friends (like people I run a sci fi and fantasy convention) about your book and that I dying to read it and we talk "local" authors, which means in the Midwest. (I am from North Dakota).


    nheck AT

  21. I tweeted (sk8ergrl9977)
    I really hope I win! The book sounds awesome :)

  22. Today I gave my friend Jolie a list of book she should read instead of just rereading Twilight and of course Nightshade was included!

  23. I tweeted it too:

    I totally love the cover!!!!

    Thanks for the contest, bye bye =D

  24. I sent an email out to everyone on my "book-hugging" email contacts. Oh yeah... ;)
    I've only heard awesome (lovely, remarkable, fabulous, glowing, magnificent, outstanding, marveling) things about NIGHTSHADE, so I'd say it's safe to say that everyone, no matter what genre they enjoy, would love NIGHTSHADE. Thanks, Andrea. :)
    Love, Hannah

  25. Oh, and congrats on reaching so many followers!

  26. Love Mamma Mia! You missed our Colin Firth lust-fest on Twitter the other night :p

  27. I told my biffle cause we <3 wolves!

  28. I've told my sister about this book. We've been discussing various stories about werewolves and the way the legends change for different. How they make it there own and such. It's fun to figure out where our opinions and preferences are.

    Oh, and congratulations on 300 followers.

  29. Woooo! Congrats!!!

    And oh my gosh, I LOVE that scene from Mamma Mia. What an awesome movie. I thought I'd hate it because it was a musical but I totally loved it! (P.S. It's Winter in Australia, LOL, So we're all sitting in front of the fire at the moment!)

    I told my sister! It is so hard to get her to read...seriously annoying. But I showed her the GORGEOUS cover and read her the first sentence of the synopsis and she was interested (whoo hoo!). She keeps saying to me "When is that book with the purple cover coming out?" (hahaha, she is so book literate!).

    Emma :)

  30. Congratulations on 300 followers! I'm sure it'll be 500 in no time!

    I practically told everyone at my work place (an ice cream store) about the book and funnily enough, one of my co-workers (a 16 year old boy) was the most interested in YA/Paranormal books. I told him with all the vampire centred books around, it's about time a book about wolves/werewolves came out- and finally, an ALPHA FEMALE! While werewolf books aren't that common, alpha female pack leader centred books are even less common. We discussed about the plot eagerly but when he asked me when the book was coming out, I couldn't really give him an answer as our local bookstore (I'm from Singapore) only stocks new releases 1-2 months AFTER it's released in the US which means we will only get it in Dec or Jan. So now I'm trying to win it so not only the both of us can read it, everyone else in my workplace and family can read it too.

    Please enter me in your contest! :)

  31. I love anything to do with werewolf lore, and absolutely can't wait to devour this newest addition!

    I told folks through:




  32. Poop! I'm such a goob! I forgot my email address: astewart305(at)

  33. Congrats!

    I actually started off with my cat. Crazy, I know, but she's always right there and when I see things online, I start talking out loud to her. I swear I'm not insane.... Then I actually got to talk to a REAL person. I went out for dinner with a girlfriend of mine and we were talking new books we were into and I got to mention this one!


  34. I told everyone!


    ella_press AT

  35. I have shared my enthusiasm for Nightshade with lots of people for a while now but most recently I was at the bookstore and there was a couple of teenage girls with their mom trying to decide on what books to buy. One thing lead to another and I was recommending all kinds of books and giving them my blog bookmarks. One of them grabbed Hush Hush after I told her mother is was a good read for both of them but the other wanted a book with either vampires or werewolves. For some reason at that moment the cover of Nightshade popped in my head. Even though the book was not out yet I just had to tell them about it. I can’t remember exactly what I said but these are the things I do remember pointing out.

    1- The cover is just awesome and beautiful! Truly there are no words to describe how captivation it is.
    2- Girl Power! Alpha female warrior..need I say more.
    3- Becca says it’s “sexy and thrilling”. Who can turn down a recommendation like that! After reading Hush Hush she has me rapped around her pretty little finger waiting for what master piece she is going to put out next and I can feel that you are going to do the same to me once I read Nightshade. I’m such a sucker for hotties with an attitude and forbidden romances.

    Well after my “sells pitch” I recommended The Dark Divine by Bree Despain because I loved that book and it has werewolves in it.

    Congrats on the 300+ followers!


  36. I've told everyone in my office (okay, so it's only six people, but still!)...and I told them if they don't buy your book when it hits shelves I'm not gonna be pleasant to be around at work anymore!

    And I SOOOO want to win this time!

  37. thanks for the contest congrats on 300 followers !I told my cousin Jen why i want the book
    1) there's a strong alpha female which is rare and not so common in books

    2) I only heard many awesome and amazing things from 4- 5 star reviews which makes me more excited
    3) iam a fan of paranormal books

    she's a twihard and likes shifter books with love triangles she rereads twilight alot i told her she needs to read something amazing such as nightshade :D

    my account

  38. I tell everyone I meet about Nightshade, including 40 high schoolers with their parents at a seminar I ran on Saturday :)

    I always love to brag about my sister, but really I tell people about it because of it's pure, ineffable awesomeness (eloquent, right?)

    For those who haven't been lucky enough to read it yet, definitely do get excited about a strong heroine and a tense love triangle, but really, Nightshade is phenomenal because of the sheer number of well-developed characters who are just fabulously interesting people (and you get way too invested in). You'll wish you knew these people in real life (and have to check yourself, because you'll sometimes feel like you actually do) and could go hang out with them all the time...

  39. Hey my little brother left a post. Yay! Hi Garth :)

  40. I told my mom about it, and I'll definitely be poking her to read it after I have! =D

  41. I've told my best friend about Night Shade!!! I think she might be sick of me talking about it but I can't help myself!!!

  42. I have been following you in all of your blog tours and I have been spreading the word to those that I KNOW would want to read your book. I haven't read it myself, but your blog tours have given me a window into how the main character is and the plot of the story. My friends and family know that I don't brag or bug them about a book unless it's full of promise and this one is at the top of the list with the Caster Chronicles (Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl). I can't wait for Nightshade to be published so that my dolls can finally read it!

    Thank you for your time!

  43. I told some of my pupils (I'm a School Librarian) that loved Shiver, and are fed up with all the vampires, that there' another werewolf series in the works but we'll have to wait for it to come across the pond!

  44. I told mum (all my friends are on holiday, but it's okay because I already told them anyway :P), and this is how the conversation went:

    Me: (pointing to computer screen) Mum, look at this book I want! It's called Nightshade.
    Mum: (not listening) Nightshade? What is it, Liz? Do you want a new lampshade for you room?
    Me: Mum. No. I said NIGHTSHADE. Please come an actually look at the screen.
    Mum: (looks) Is this some sort of hairstyle you want? You know you can't go that blonde, your hair's too dark. Maybe some highlights will work.
    Me: Mum! She's not even blonde! Wait, this isn't even the point! It's a book! You know, things you read?
    Mum: Oh! Well, why didn't you just say so? So, what's it about?
    Me: (sighing) Just read the summary.
    Mum: (reading the summary) Oh wolves! You've always liked wolves, I remember when we bought you that toy one when you were five in London and you refused to let go of it, even at dinner time, and you -
    Me: Yeah, okay mum, buh-bye now.
    Mum: But I thought you -
    Me: (leaving) I'm going to tidy my room.
    Mum: (silence)

    So I know that's probably not the kind of "spreading the word" you were hoping for...but I did try :P.

    Liz. R

  45. Can't wait for your book, I told my fifty friends on facebook about your book. Let's hope they want to read it. I know about four who will want to borrow it from me if I win.

  46. I told to my twitter followers:
    and of course to my girlfriend, and she also wants to have a chance to read it ^^

  47. I'm excited for Nightshade because everything about sounds fantastic, even the cover is perfect! Can't wait!

    I told all my twitter followers with a link to Nightshade's Goodreads page

    -Lisa B.

  48. I told my niece about Nightshade, because she was looking for something good to read and I love werewolf stories.