Tuesday, September 22, 2009


It's a day to stop and think about shifting cycles and time - Mabon, the autumn equinox. Today light and dark are in perfect balance, but tomorrow our descent into the long night of winter begins.

Autumn is my favorite season, but it's a challenging and volatile time of year. The quickening of day into night puts life into a frenzied pace, culminating that chaos that is the holiday season - which are never relaxing or restorative in the way it seems they should be.

As much as I know time will seem to speed up, carried by an unseen current that drives summer away, I still love this moment. It's the only time when I can in a space of minutes see the abundance of morning glories that still sing of languid summer and promise its return...

but feel twinges of anticipation at the discovery of pumpkinlings that whisper of harvest's bounty, bonfires, and the comfort of the hearth on chilly winter nights.
Today summer and autumn hold hands and dance, giving the world at chance to witness them in harmony before summer's fades away, still full of light and laughter, while autumn takes our hand to lead us along its darkening forest paths.


  1. With this post, you make me happy to descend into the darkness. I almost feel like dancing. Thanks for the equinox musing. Much appreciated. I shall give it extra thought as the sun sets.

  2. I want to walk with you and giggle. Maybe if we enter the forest we will notice that we are eleven years old again and can play all night with the creatures who dwell on this cusp. You got me thinking here... thanks!

  3. You lovely ladies are wonderful! Thanks for sharing in my musings and may you have many beautiful walks and dances through the forest. The sounds of rustling leaves beneath my feet always gives me a little peace.