Friday, August 21, 2009

I Won, I Won!

At what has become my favorite blog post of the week, the lovely Laura, weekly guest poster at Eric's fantastic Pimp My Novel has taken to challenging her readers to creative contests. The first contest: write the first line of an Amish vampire novel. Awesome and hilarious.

Last week's contest: invent a new fantasy weapon.

And my entry won!

The weapon: Blesions - blessings from fallen angels that strike victims down with apolcalyptic-style boils.

Thanks, Laura :)


  1. hahahahahahaha! I love it. What's the antidote?

  2. Oh how that award wheel keeps spinning. I nominated you for a Kreativ award. But I'm a rule breaker so you can do most anything about this that you like. Just follow the trail of bread crumbs.....