Friday, August 28, 2009

Fed-Ex To the Rescue

The arrival of the delivery truck pushed me about of my bunny-loss funk. The very nice Fed-Ex man had a much anticipated package for me!

My very first editorial letter and scribbled upon manuscript. Wheeeeee!

Now some might think my reaction is a bit odd. While editing might make some writers queasy, editor's notes for me like are like spinach to Popeye. I'm a horrible self-editor but given a few pointers and nudges my writer's brain goes into overdrive and amazing things happen.

If I go missing for a while, you'll know where I'll be - attached to my laptop. I'll update when I come up for air.


  1. Enjoy your editing. I am kind of like you in that I don't really mind editing. I get sorta excited, especially if I was in your position. Have fun and great job.

  2. Keep the spinach handy and we'll see you when you punch through that thing!

  3. I'm like that too. As long as the edit/feedback is constructive, I'll gobble it up! Congrats on your editor's copy *envious sigh*

  4. Perfect day for it - it suddenly feels like fall instead of summer...

  5. Thanks everyone. Welcome back, Tanya. Your Ireland/Boundary Waters adventures sounded amazing. You were a traveling fiend this summer!

  6. Hooray!! I can't wait to join you : )