Friday, June 19, 2009

Waiting and Weddings

What is the best way to spend one's time while waiting for the call that could change your life?

(Drums nails on table). I do not have the answer.

Fortunately, I have help in the form of prior obligations. Namely this weekend I'm back in my hometown on bridesmaid duty.

I'm not much for ceremony. I tend to walk different roads in life, avoiding graduations, skipping class reunions, etc. But this wedding is one I've looked forward to since my friend announced her engagement.

When I was a little girl there were two friends who I always thought were a "lock" when it came to weddings I'd be a part of. The first one happened a year ago in September (hi Katie! *hugs*), the second is tomorrow.

That these two wedding have taken place, and that I will have paraded down the aisle bearing my posies for each of these long-time friends marks a major transition in my life. Being 30 doesn't necessarily make me feel like an adult, that my two childhood best friends have both gotten married does.

Moving into the "real" world of adult choices and problems has taught me that very little in life is predictable and that our circumstances, feelings, and selves are always shifting, changing, reforming, and hopefully growing.

In this case it feels uniquely innocent and lovely that our slumber party chats at age nine about flowers and dresses and falling love have indeed come full circle.

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