Thursday, March 19, 2009

Post-Modern Malady

Over the course of the last month I've been struck down by a strange eye plague. The attacks come out of nowhere, with no warning.

Here's what happens: my eyes start to itch, then the burning, searing sensation sets in, followed by the tears. I'm not talking about a timid eye watering, this is a flood of tears, blinding tears. I'm rendered useless for anywhere from one to five minutes.

It's too early for allergies (despite our spring thaw, the land is still trapped by winter in Minnesota), and I don't have eye allergies anyway. But these vision-blurring episodes have been happening with greater and greater frequency.

Unsure of what might be the cause, and as yet uninterested in seeing an optometrist, I did what anyone else would do: Googled the symptoms.

Turns out I'm suffering from something new that has been recognized by eye specialists as "Computer Vision Syndrome." Yes, indeed, the technological world has begun its attack on humanity - starting with our eyes.

I shouldn't be surprised that I suffer from a computer-related malady. I spend most hours of my day writing at my laptop or desktop. My eyes rarely leave the glare of the monitor (sigh). I have no remedy for this problem; my life and livelihood are tethered to this machine.

So for now, eye drops and a prayer a day that I'm not going to be rendered blind after a lifetime of screen gazing.

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