Monday, January 9, 2012


Want to keep the holiday spirit going and avoid the winter blahs? Come run with the wolves and celebrate BLOODROSE with me!
Check out the tour stops - I hope you can make it!!!

Friday, January 6: St. Paul, MN
BLOODROSE release party
7 p.m. Red Balloon Bookshop

Tuesday, January 10: Seattle, WA
7 p.m. Third Place Books (Lake Forest Park)

Wednesday, January 11: Huntington Beach, CA
7 p.m. Barnes and Noble Booksellers

Thursday, January 12: San Diego, CA
7 p.m. Mysterious Galaxy Books

Friday, January 13: Manhattan Beach, CA
4 p.m. Pages: A Bookstore

Tuesday, January 17: St. Louis, MO
7 p.m. Puddn' Head Books

Friday, January 20: New Orleans, LA
5 p.m. Octavia Books


  1. No Houston stops? I think you just broke my heart...


  2. OMG! You're coming to St. Louis?! I so freaking can't wait! I am super freaky excited!!!!

  3. Will there be a chance for UK dates?

  4. YAY for a tour! Come back to TX! We miss you and Ben ;)

  5. awww would love to see you in northern cali!!!!!!

  6. East Coast is slotted for a February tour - will post dates, locations when they're available :)

  7. Do you have any plans for coming to Denmark?
    And if you have, when? :)

  8. Will you be signing anywhere else in MN??

  9. YAY!!!!!!! I hope one of them will be near Baltimore!

  10. Pssssst... Nashville? Please? I know it's Music City and all, but we have great readers out here too! =^)

  11. Oh my goodness, oh my goodness, oh my goodness, you're coming to New Orleans!! I'm hyperventilating here because I'm FINALLY going to meet you! <3

  12. I am delighted to add that {pages}, an independent bookstore in Manhattan Beach, CA, has arranged a visit with you on Friday, January 13, that will include my high school library (Mira Costa High School) at 2 PM, and the store later in the afternoon. My students and I are excited to meet you and hear you speak!

    Jane Lofton, Mira Costa High Teacher Librarian

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  14. bonjour andrea je suis une de vos fan française et j espère que vous aller passer a paris (je l espere de tous mon coeur)car vorte livre été sans doute le meilleure livre que j ai jamais lue je l adore et je voulais savoir si vous saviez quand bloodrose sortirait en france si c est la cas dite le moi!!merci

  15. Ms, Cremer. I have to say, i ove your books, but i happen to hate how Calla is acting with Shay, i wish she would stop, ihavent finushes reading Bloodrose yet, but intend to tonight, and if she doesnt pick Renier, i sware im going to hate these books, i really liked most of that first, and the second made me mad, and the thrid is now pissing me off more than ever. You are killing me, please tell me that shes going to bewith Ren, and if you leave her lonely i sware i'll die!

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