Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Happy Belated Thanksgiving!

I hope you and yours were stuffed to the max of delicious T-Day goodness. My dad said something after we feasted that's stuck with me: "Thanksgiving is always good...but leftovers are awesome."

That got me thinking. I hosted Thanksgiving this year and I love the all-day cooking event it is. Wonderful smells waft through the kitchen and all over the house for hours. And with the delectable scents come so many memories. I love that I make stuffing using my grandmother's recipe. That we eat this weird cranberry marshmallow concoction we call "the pink stuff." I overcooked with purpose, knowing even before my dad said it that he was right. The leftovers are the best.

But it's not just roast turkey sandwiches and reheated stuffing. It's that every time I take a bite of that meal's remains I have a burst of those memories. Leftover from this Thanksgiving and so many Thanksgivings before.

Those are the leftovers for which I am truly thankful and why I anticipate the holidays with joy each year.


  1. That was touching. My mother always tries to save my some of her stuffing so I can have it when I come home after being away at school. Those leftovers mean the world to me.

  2. Aaw! That's the best leftovers explanation I've ever seen. I spent Thanksgiving away from family both by choice and circumstances this year, but cooking from the recipes I'd used when we were together kept those good memories alive.

  3. Leftovers are the best and I think that you need to post "the pink stuff" recipe. The combo actually sounds delicious!