Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I have exciting news to share! At the end of October I'm embarking on my first international tour. Thank you so much to my Italian publishers, De Agostini, and the Lucca Comics and Games Festival for inviting me to visit their beautiful country. You can find details on the festival here, where I'll be the patroness of Lucca's Halloween party! This looks to be the Halloween party of all Halloween parties, and given that Halloween is my favorite holiday I cannot wait!

If you happen to be in Italy, here is my tour schedule. I'll post more details as I have them!

October 28th, Friday: Milano
October 29th, Saturday: Bologna; Lucca, in the
October 30th, Sunday: Lucca
October 31st, Monday: Lucca
November 1st, Tuesday: Lucca

Halloween in Italy! Davvero!


  1. Would love to go to Italy enjoy your self and maybe it will sway you to see more of Europe. like England :)

  2. Italy is such an amazing country to visit, so much to see. Hope you have a great trip.

  3. hahahahaha.....three days in Lucca....don't get sick! and wish i was there with you :)

  4. That sounds amazing! Color me pea green :)


  5. I was there, I was there!! *__*
    in Milan xDD

    yeah... I know... I didn't say much... I was a little embarrassed and sooo excited!!
    thank you Andrea!! *__*

    Hope to see you again :D
    maybe next time I'll be more talkative :P