Monday, July 25, 2011

Under the Cut

I will be posting an epic Comic Con recap but today is Wolfsbane Eve. That's right Wolfsbane is officially in stores tomorrow!

As promised I'm posting a deleted scene from Nightshade to celebrate the occasion. This scene takes place as the Calla's and her pack are on their way to see Nev play at the Burnout.

“Aren’t you overdressed?” I turned around and looked Bryn up and down after I slid into the passenger seat of Mason’s Land Rover.

She smoothed her suede skirt and shook her bronze ringlets. “Just because we’re hanging out at this hole in the ground doesn’t mean I have to lower my standards.”

She winked at me. “Besides Ansel likes it.”

My brother was pretending not to notice the low cut of Bryn’s silk top, and failing miserably.

“Right.” I looked at Mason. “Don’t you think as the alpha I deserve more respect from my beta. She’s openly seducing my little brother.”

“I’m not getting involved,” Mason said and put the car into gear.

I turned back to Bryn. “I’m just glad my mother didn’t see you. I spent half an hour explaining why I couldn’t wear a skirt tonight.”

“Not everyone thinks tattered shirts and jeans are the height of fashion,” Bryn replied.

“They aren’t tattered, they’re vintage,” I said.

“Whatever makes you feel good about it, honey,” she said. “I’m right, Mason. Aren’t I?”

He glanced at her in the rearview mirror. “Don’t ask me. I take the fifth. Why is everyone trying to get me in trouble tonight?”

“I’m not,” Ansel piped without looking up.

“And that’s why you’re my best friend,” Mason grinned at him.

“Where’s Fey?” I’d expected to find her in the car with Bryn.

Mason’s jaw tightened. “I offered to pick her up, but she got a ride with Dax.”

“They’ve been spending a lot of time together,” Bryn leaned forward and rested her chin on the back of Mason’s seat. “We haven’t seen her outside school in a while.”

I frowned and glanced at Mason. “Too much time?”

“That’s none of my business,” he said quietly. “I’d just like us all to be happy.”

“Sounds like a plan to me.” Ansel still hadn’t managed to tear his gaze from Bryn’s chest.

“An, could you try to look somewhere else when the rest of us are around?” I said.

He flushed to the ears. “Sorry.”

“Don’t feel bad,” Bryn put her arms around him. “She’ll be just as smitten as soon as Ren smiles at her tonight.”

“Shut up, Bryn,” I snapped.

“My, my. I struck a nerve.” She winked at Ansel.

Mason grinned. “How are things with Ren?”

“This topic is off limits,” I said.

“Says who?” Ansel laughed.

“Says me.”

“I don’t think so, Calla,” Mason said, in a tone that was too serious to be real. “Your happiness with Ren affects the well-being of the pack. That means all details pertain to us. We’re on a need to know basis, and we need to know. Ren’s an alpha, and we’ve all heard the rumors about his talents in certain arenas. But tell me…are you satisfied?”

“Mason!” My cheeks burned and I turned to face the passenger window.

Bryn and Ansel were hysterical.

“This is mutiny,” I muttered.

“No sweetie,” Mason patted my leg. “It’s just life.”

He turned the Land Rover up the gravel drive. The imposing vehicle looked out of place next to the motorcycles and muscle cars that lined up outside the bar.

Bryn sighed and unbuckled her seatbelt. “I don’t know why we had to come here. I’d much rather be at Eden.”

“Nev doesn’t play at Eden,” Mason said. “Besides, it’s good to be well-rounded.”

“Trust me, this is better than Eden.” I shivered at the thought of returning to Efron’s club.

Ansel slid his arms around Bryn’s waist and pulled her from the car. “You’ll have a good time and you know it.”

She pushed her lip out until he kissed her, and then she beamed.

Hope you enjoyed the scene!!! Thanks so much for sharing Calla's journey with me. Can't wait for tomorrow!


  1. Thanks so much for the deleted scene! This makes me even more excited to dive back into the world of Nightshade tomorrow!

  2. I kinda shouted 'cus it ended! I def want more and can't wait to get my copy of Wolfsbane along with Supernaturally. I ordered them months ago, so they should be here by Wednesday at the latest. Can't Wait! Can not wait to read!

  3. Loved the deleted scene! :D Sooooo excited for Wolfsbane :D

  4. Jumps for joy when I saw this on twitter. Anything from you is just a treat! Thanks.

  5. Oh my jesus christ almighty lord, I am so freaking excited. I made it dang clear to my dad that he is buying me Wolfsbane tomorrow. Whether he likes it or not. I have been waiting far too long for this book. My god. This scene just makes me even more excited. So wonderful.

  6. Yay !!!!! loved it. Cant wait til tom. Wolfsbane will be in my mailbox. Thanks so much for this deleted scene. Not sure why it was deleted cause its awesome. Thanks agian.

  7. I know I sure did! Absolutely LOVED it!!

  8. I am so happy for you (and so proud of you :-)). This will be the first of many!

  9. Congratulations on such a terrific launch! i really enjoyed meeting you and I can't wait to enter the wonderful world of Nightshade!

    Hooray for teachers who write! (Okay, I know you are a professor...humor me.)


  10. Wonderful! Terrific!
    Well done, Andrea!

  11. I liked the scene. It's intriguing. I started my writing endeavors when I was young too. I know you must be really busy with your book, but if you ever want to talk about a guest post later on we might have some similar things to discuss. Here's my blog: I wrote a YA fantasy series and recently published the first.