Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Bloggers Rule!

If you haven't already seen it around the blogosphere there's a really fantastic event happening called Best I've Read 2010

This event brings together loads of awesome bloggers discussing their favorite reads of 2010. I'm over the moon that Nightshade is being featured on many blogs. Even better: there are TONS of giveaways going on as part of BIR2010.

Today you can read interviews and enter giveaways for Nightshade at Once Upon a Twilight and Mundie Moms.

Thank you so much to all the bloggers for their support of Nightshade - you guys are the best!

Go check out Best I've Read 2010 and be sure to enter the awesome contests!!


  1. Thank you so much for your support and posting about BIR! You deserve this honor as Nightshade is a favorite read of so many of ours!!! Thank you for sharing your fantastic story with us!

  2. Nightshade is definitely my favorite read of 2010! Thanks for posting this - I was planning to do my own "Best of 2010" post and am glad to see there's a post I can link into! :)