Thursday, April 15, 2010

Nightshade Goes to London

No this isn't a repost of my UK book deal - though Atom Books has been posting some awesome tweets about Nightshade and Wolfsbane. UK publication doesn't happen until January 6, 2011 - but Nightshade is hopping across the pond next week for the London Book Fair.
I am pretending (while pining) that I also am going on this trip for four reasons:

1) I love London

2) I am convinced I would love book fairs and hope that with enough wishes to the Universe I'll eventually get to go to one.

3) I'm dying to meet my awesome UK editor Samantha, who is uber cool and so much fun

4) I love London (I know I already said that, but I really , really love it)I was already green with envy over Bologna, where there were awesome things like Kristin Cashore sword fighting.
and now Calla is going to London without me, but I'll think she'll do fine hunting down more foreign deals.
But I'd be fine spending my time swooning over these rows and rows of books. (Hey look, there's Penguin! Hi Penguin!!)
I mean it's at frickin' Earl's Court! Earl's Court is where they have Lady Gaga's concerts - it's that big.


Maybe Calla will bring me a souvenir.
No. Not that please.

Ben Barnes AND Robert Pattinson? That's more like it! Good hunting, Calla!!


  1. Squee!! Very exciting! They'll be falling all over themselves for Nightshade =)

    And...since Calla's bringing home two guys, and there's only one of do you feel about sharing. :p

  2. Ooo! And I love that your UK pub date is my birthday! Funny that your original US pub date was my daughter's b-day. =)

  3. Every time I've stopped by lately, my comments end up being, "How exciting!" Can't help but think the same again.

    So thrilled for you and am loving all I'm learning from your journey.

  4. Lisa - Well now I know what to send you... :)

    Thanks, Caroline - my response about all this is also "how exciting!" :P

  5. And Lisa - Sharing Ben and Rob? LOL.

  6. you wanted to have Calla pick me up a British guy, too, well, I guess that would be okay....


  7. Shelley - Calla loves hunting, so I'll put in your request! I'll make sure she gets one for Lisa too - since I feel bad about the whole not sharing thing...

  8. Woohoo! *crosses fingers for shiny new foreign deals*

  9. Wow, I did not even KNOW about the London Book Fair but thanks to you, now I do...I'm thinking I will probably get the US copy so I don't have to wait for the UK release date...that's only because I'm a bit of a diehard LOL...

  10. Thanks Carolin!

    Lynsey - If you get both it means you'll get two different covers *ooohshinies*

  11. Oh dear... was that a picture of rows upon rows of books? *salivating here* Ugh now I'm insanely depressed. Lolz. Hope the UK cover is as shiny as the US :D

  12. That looks like a lot of fun. Now I'm picturing the Earl's Court from Neverwhere. Much different from the real one... I've only been to London once, but I didn't have a chance to see much.

  13. Both super hot, and swoon worthy. :)
    Also, those rows of books are really something.
    Love, Hannah S.

  14. Void - Neverwhere: One of my all-time favorite books!

    Hannah - Aren't they though? (They boys & the books!)

  15. Good luck with the fair. Too bad we all couldn't go. :(